YOL-FEN İnş. Asfalt Nak. Taah. Tic. Ltd. Şti. | 2014 Tüm Hakları Saklıdır.


 Management System quality Policy

Establishment compromising and including in below clauses of product and services for “DESIGNING AND MAKING PROJECT AND PRODUCTION AND MARKETING OF GENERAL CONSTRUCTION AND UNDERTAKING JOBS” ;

- We see customer satisfaction as the main aim of all our activities by accepting all segments of society as a  partner whichever benefit from our services and that will help the realization of policies.

- National / International standards, complying with legal and technical regulations based on these criteria, we  will.

- By the emerging needs and demands, we are sharing our knowledge for developing of the new service criteria  and methods for improving the implementation.

- We meet the educational needs of our employees and we are sharing the information and experiences  contribute to improve ball sum with our employees and partners.

- Our activities and work ethics of any kind by giving priority to national and human values, we keep in the    economic profitability.

- We seek to be a brand and thus we aim to win the trust of our parties for our field of activity.

- By refreshing of the current source and reviewing of operating procedures, we are providing and updating the  continuous improvement.

 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The scope of the company carried out the content of the products and services;
- Occupational health and safety policies that will help the realization of all segments of society and our  suppliers ‘partner’ would accept.

- By identifying hazards and risks and legal requirements resulting from our activities, we are committed to  identify, apply, maintain and periodically review the appropriateness in the OHS Management System.

- To follow the developing technology, develops new occupational health and safety criteria and procedures, all  employees and interested parties for the implementation of an effective information and demonstrate a  participatory, we are approaching.

- We meet the educational needs of our employees, we are providing the  active participation of our employees in decisions for occupational health and safety responsibilities to be submitted to them.

- We continuously monitor and improve occupational health and safety performance.

- Reviewing the existing rules of procedure refreshes, work out the risks that can threaten the health and safety    remove.
Therefore, the main principle is”‘FIRST OF ALL THE HUMAN”.

- We make every effort to prevent accidents and occupational diseases show.

- We open our policy of the occupational health and safety policy to knowledge of all relevant parties.